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Like many entrepreneurs, my journey began with a passion to share a solution to a problem. In this case, I was sharing a solution with other music teachers like myself.  My business in the music education market included publishing, marketing, sales, training, and global distribution. I quickly adopted systems and automation so that I could run a business and know my financial performance while teaching music and raising a family.  What I didn't know, was that I was streamlining a business prepared to scale.

As a business owner, knowing your numbers is the only way to know the health of your business. I initially relied on contracted accountants to handle my bookkeeping without truly understanding what the reports were telling me, or if they were accurate.  After a few years of scratching my head trying to figure out what the sea of numbers meant and whether they were accurate, I did the work to learn basic financial information that every business owner should know. I learned how to use QuickBooks and generate accurate reports that made sense to me so that I could make informed business decisions based on the lifeblood of my business - the financials.

Streamlined systems, including updating financials in less than ten minutes a day, provides confidence in your business. Today, I continue to run my original business, Teaching Music with Freddie The Frog®,  while helping other business owners set up systems integrated with QuickBooks knowing that their financials are easy to maintain, accurate, and generating reports that make sense for their unique business operation.

If this sounds like something you need, I'd love to help you set up your systems integrated with QuickBooks so that you can grow your business to scale or prepare your exit strategy to sell.

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