A Customized Analysis of Your Community for a Better Future

How does it work? 

Bill personally spends four full days meeting key personalities and key positions to analyze your community’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).

The community receives a report and suggested next steps based on the analysis.

Community Visit

1. Community Leadership SWOT Analysis
Bill facilitates a meeting of community and social leaders to establish Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

2. Competitive Community SWOT Analysis
This is a one-time competitive SWOT analysis of the subject community to other comparable communities utilizing accessible Key Strategic Indicators to understand exactly where the community is in its relationship to peers.  The outcome of this is to provide possible focused attention on the measurable areas of community well-being that will improve the community overall.

3. Quarterly Community SWOT Analysis
This is an ongoing reporting system for the community’s utilization for communities dedicated to a long-term effort for community growth.

Philanthropy Support

Opportunity Assessment:  Analyzing current and potential philanthropic activity and donors to establish thoughtful possible campaigns.

Philanthropy Coaching:  Monthly 30 minute calls to discuss and strategize how to maximize philanthropic opportunities at hand.

Philanthropy Consulting:  Helping plan the facilitation and continued management of large endowments and trusts.

Grant Writing and Support:  (to be established)

Online Resources

  • Economic Developers/Community Planners/Podcast

  • Chamber of Commerce/MainStreet Podcast

  • Quarterly Developers/Planners online lunch roundtable.

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A lifetime of community activism and entrepreneurship combined with curiosity and deep enjoyment of and passion for individual, business and community improvement brings us together here.

Bill has started, owned, managed, or otherwise led over two dozen businesses and community organizations.

His passion is to see people, businesses, and communities benefit from breaking with what holds them back and helping them pave their own unique way forward.

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