A Fresh Perspective

Start Where You Are Standing

Regardless of what has happened or why, you and your business are where they are.  We'll start where you are we'll move forward from here.  There should be no romance in suffering.  Let's figure out what is next and do it.

How does it work? 

First things first, you'll have an initial online meeting with Bill.  There is no charge for this initial meeting regardless of length.  This is a time for Bill to gain understanding and for you to get a feel for who he is and how he might add value.  While there is a basic framework that is similar to most every business, they are vastly different in mission, systems, and vision.

Fish don't know they are wet.

One of the biggest challenges to a business's growth is to recognize those things that restrain its growth and success. If you aren't familiar with it, quickly look up "The Monkey Trap". There are countless ways businesses get trapped yet all to often, we don't recognize that this is what's happening. One of the key outcomes of our consulting work together should be to recognize specific items that might be holding the business back.

Next Steps

In the event, the decision-makers agree,  Bill will create and share a summary of the meeting outcomes and different options to move forward if you choose.  There is no cost and no obligation up to and including your receipt of the summary and service options provided.

The Goal

Our goal is to establish measurable outcomes intended to lead to greater success and satisfaction and to achieve them. It's never easy. Most things worthwhile aren't. We can do this!

Final Thought

Leading a business is truly a special and unique position. It can bring the highest highs and the lowest lows. If nothing else, it's my goal to help relieve that feeling and free you to do more with more confidence. Nothing would make me feel better about our time working together than a message from your future self to me sharing what an incredibly helpful and great experience working together was.

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A lifetime of community activism and entrepreneurship combined with curiosity and deep enjoyment of and passion for individual, business and community improvement brings us together here.

Bill has started, owned, managed, or otherwise led over two dozen businesses and community organizations.

His passion is to see people, businesses, and communities benefit from breaking with what holds them back and helping them pave their own unique way forward.

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