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A lifetime of community activism and entrepreneurship, combined with curiosity and a deep enjoyment for individual, business and community improvement, brings us together here. I love working with people, businesses, and communities as they break with what holds them back and helping them pave their own unique way forward.

This passion comes from my own journey of hard knocks, finding help, making changes, and moving forward. Over the years, I started, owned, managed, or otherwise led over two dozen businesses and community organizations. As I continued to add new businesses to our portfolio, life quickly became incredibly overwhelming. First well-elderly living, then a restaurant, then renovation of a mansion into a specialty shops mall, then an assisted living community, a housing development, an ice cream shop, a convenience store, an appliance store, and the list continued.

 Layered over this was the knowledge that the community I was working in was shrinking.  The threat our declining community posed to all of our holdings, not to mention my family's home, added another level of pressure.

I was drowning as we added businesses, employees, administration, and customers. With each addition, I became angrier, more focused, and more combative, but I still kept thinking, "More. I have to do more." My roles as a husband, a father, a friend, and a neighbor suffered, as did the businesses, for my lack of time, attention, and overwhelm.

Desperation drove me to find solutions.  I recognized the need for additional guidance with a focus on business. A fellow entrepreneur suggested E-Myth's Consulting. I hired an E-Myth Coach and implemented the curriculum, to which I give credit for my survival and success.

As the song goes, "Regrets, I've had a few." Rather than mourn my mistakes and imperfections, which come to haunt me from time to time regardless, I'd rather revel in the stories of learning, survival, and success.  I'd rather share what I learned and applied so that others can avoid unnecessary and costly missteps by not trying to figure it out alone.

I measure success by the moments of joy I experience. One of the things that provides me the greatest joy is getting to be a small part of other people's success and happiness.

If you're interested in a shortcut to leveling up your business or find yourself tired of doing it alone (and avoiding the mistakes I made), click below to schedule a call. I'd love to help.


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